SATURDAY November 1st 2014. SpringFest International Festival. Located at area 11 (see map), St Pat's Point. Time: 5.00pm to 9.00pm. Live entertainment any stalls will be by invitation only.

MARKET SUNDAY November 2nd 2014. Stalls and feature events located on the entire foreshore of Ballarat's Lake Wendouree. Time 10am to 4pm.

Registration Form

An EARLYBIRD discount of $10 will be deducted from the sum total of all fees and charges associated with this registration and is only applicable from APRIL 14th to MAY 14th 2014.

Note To claim the earlybird discount stallholders must pay ALL registration fees and charges AT THE TIME OF SUBMISSION of registration.

To register for market sunday

Cancellation Policy:
No refund will be given after the 1st of September 2014. Prior to this date an administration fee of $15 will be charged for all cancellations.

Business Name
Contact Name

Stall holder sites

All stall sites around Lake Wendouree have a 6-metre frontage and a 6-metre depth. Should any part of the stallholders stall, van, trailer or presentation equipment (including guy ropes, tent weights, towbars, tables, chairs etc.) be wider than 6 metre's then a second site will be required to be booked.

Note 1. On set up if any part of the stallholder's equipment exceeds the 6 metre boundary they will not be permitted to trade on the day, unless a second site has been ordered and paid for on application.
Note 2. Should the goods offered for sale by a stallholder cover two site categories the site fee will be the higher of the two categories.
Note 3. The Rotary Club of Ballarat will not accept stalls selling second hand items, products, trash & treasure.
Note 4. Handouts, Flyers, Leaflets or Pamphlets may be distributed from your site only. No person is permitted to walk around the foreshore distributing advertising, promotional or informational material nor is any person permitted to place such material under vehicle windscreen wipers or to leave such material in a place of public gathering around the Lake Wendouree foreshore during SpringFest weekend.
Note 5. No Raffles (other than those conducted on behalf of or for the Rotary Club of Ballarat Inc.) or other games of chance are permitted

Site Categories

Fundraising $65 per site (Schools, community groups, and not for profit organisations)

Craft $65 per site (face painting, hand crafted non-food products such as jewellery, clothes, wooden toys, furniture and nick-knacks) Imported/factory produced goods do not qualify as 'craft' and will be accepted for registration as a 'general' site

Home Produced $100 per site (Home produced foods, pickles chutneys, preserved meats and sausages, cakes, pre-packed nuts, olives, lollies and sweets, also fresh produce, vegetables, fruit products etc.)

General $100 per site (Business, merchandise, political parties, regional promotion)

Commercial Amusements $130 per site (pony rides etc)

Food and Beverage Traders $160 per site (All catering types including stalls, vans, trailers, tents and marquees etc.)
Before registering for this category, please email to check for stall site vacancies.

Carnival Vans/Sideshows & Jumping Castles $160 per site (Clowns, ticket games, show bags, jumping castles, slides large and small, carousels of any sort and large inflatable balls).

Additional Sites
Print number of additional sites required:

Stall Description

Please provide a detailed description of the type of activity you wish to pursue; i.e. the stall category, dimensions, goods to be sold or if you are providing information, activities or entertainment. The information you provide will help us to allocate an appropriate site for you. Only that which is listed will be allowed on the day

Note Ballarat City Council precludes the use of, tent pegs, spikes or any device which may be driven into the ground for the purpose of supporting tentage and or equipment in all areas of the Lake Wendouree precinct.

Note Should stallholders wish to provide their own marquee, tent or gazebo it too must be weighted in accordance with Ballarat City Council regulations. A document detailing tent size and required weights can be seen here.

Note Stallholders requiring weights to secure their marquee/tent will be able to purchase empty 20 litre plastic containers. A 20 litre plastic container will weigh 20kgs when full of WATER; four of which may be sufficient to support a 3mx3m marquee. Stallholders note it is your responsibility to fill the containers with water; the SpringFest organisers or their agents will not supply hoses or buckets.

Plastic Containers Required
Print number of plastic containers required @ $5.00 per container. (containers will be delivered to your site by 8 am on the day)

Marquee and Equipment Hire

A range of different sized marquees and accompanying equipment (tables and chairs) are offered for hire. (Subject to availability) All equipment and marquees leased via this registration form will be supplied to the stallholder's site by the SpringFest organisers or their agents.
NotePrices are provided for weighted marquees only; Any damage to marquees and or equipment must be paid for on return of leased items.

No Marquee
Small weighted marquee (3m x 3m) 1 trestle, 2 chairs $340
Medium weighted marquee (3m x 6m) 2 trestles, 2 chairs $510
Large weighted marquee (6m x 6m) 2 trestles, 2 chairs $700

Extra tables (Number of tables @ $18.00 each)
Extra chairs (Number of chairs @ $3.00 each)

Power Requirements (if applicable)

Stallholders may have their site tested by the SpringFest organisers and or their agents to confirm how much power is being drawn in order to ensure the safety of SpringFest patrons.
NoteStallholders must ensure that all leads match the power requirements and that the leads have been tagged and tested.

1 x 10amp $100
2 x 10amp $120
1 x 15amp $130
2 x 15amp $160
1 x 32amp $300


Public liability insurance is essential for all stalls. Details of a stallholder public liability insurance policy is required to complete SpringFest registration.
Note Should stallholders not have public liability insurance they can arrange for cover under the Rotary Club of Ballarat Inc. policy for a fee of $20.

Insurance Provider
Policy number
Policy expiry date:
Do you require insurance to be included with the site fee? Yes

Previously held site and area details (if applicable)

Note The Rotary Club of Ballarat Inc. will endeavour to meet specific requests "where possible".
Note A preferred area/site will only be reserved for 48 hours from receipt of registration. No preferred area/site will be held after 48 hours if your payment has not been received.

Area details
Site details
Would you like to be in the same area/site in 2014?
Don't mind
If not, have you an alternative preference    

Book and pay promptly to avoid disappointment.


The total cost of your registration and any additional charges (marquee hire, equipment, power and insurance) will be emailed to you together with details on how to pay.
Preferred method of payment:

Direct Deposit (please include the name you used on this registration form when arranging payment)
Credit Card (secure online payment via Paypal)
Cheque / Money-order

Note SpringFest Market Sunday is not registered for GST. All prices quoted DO NOT include GST. An input tax credit is not available upon payment of registration fees

Applications for registration or payments will not be accepted after the close of business on Tuesday the 7th of October 2014.


I/we agree to abide by all guidelines and regulations detailed in this registration form (and accompanying Ballarat City Council documentation where applicable) and will accept total responsibility for my/our site.

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